The Secret To Setting Audacious Goals

Another year has whizzed by and most of us would have fallen prey to crafting lofty resolutions! While a few of us are genuinely in pursuit of purpose, most just succumb to peer-pressure and hardwiring! Either way, a few weeks down the line – grand plans are reduced to naught! And all the jokes and excuses follow suit…


Have you tried approaching your resolutions like a formal goal setting process. Conventional wisdom has propounded that goals need to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. And they should be. However, empirical evidence also suggests that a staggering 92% of goals are not achieved. Let’s decode the science and secret to successful goal setting (with a little help from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology)…


Consider most goals that we set for ourselves. Whether it is a personal or professional goal – The usual format is ‘what’ we want to achieve and by ‘when’. Some of us are proactive and codify the ‘how’ in terms of an action plan. But, we often forget to articulate the most important aspect – Our purpose or the why? Why do I want to get fit? Why do I want the step up at work? Why do I strive for a work-life balance?


In fact, incorporating the ‘purpose’ in the goal statement ensures we are driven by intrinsic motivators and not extrinsic ones. And we all know that Intrinsic motivators are much stronger than any extrinsic ones.


There are many formats of goal setting. It doesn’t matter if you scribble your goal on a tissue paper or etch it in stone. But at the core of it, the goal must reflect the following
– An audacious stretch
– The Big Picture
– Strengths
– Vision, Dream and Purpose


At Happ Coach, we have custom-created a coach-tech product for Goal setting called #SparkYourBestseller. It has been built on a simple insight that the human brain processes stories much better than it processes logic!


The process begins with defining the goal in terms of what you want to achieve and by when. The next step looks at articulating the goal visually in the form of a cover of a book…The process involves visualizing – you have achieved the goal and in the process of penning a bestseller to capture this remarkable journey. What will be your story? Something that is truly inspiring, motivating and challenging.


We have been working with leading organizations to craft audacious workplace goals using #SparkYourBestseller. The outcome is indeed powerful. For example, during a workshop with an MNC bank, the Executive Director proclaimed his goal – “To become a CEO in the next 3-5 years”. While he was prompt with the ‘what’ and the ‘when’, the ‘why’ stumped him. The powerful combination of patience and probing helped him strike gold with his purpose. He titled his bestseller – Chief Enthusiasm Officer and articulated his ambition as fixing the ‘more of the same’ syndrome in the banking industry and injecting a renewed enthusiasm in his colleagues and the millennial workforce.


Go ahead try setting powerful resolutions on After all, don’t we all harbour a secret desire to write our own story some day? Besides, this is one book you can always judge by the cover.


Sorbojeet Chatterjee is the CEO and Co-Founder of Happ Coach, a startup that creates workplace focused coach-tech products and offers brain-based training, coaching, mentorship and micro-learning modules.

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