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There is widespread talk around diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and evolved organizations are creating multiple interventions around women professionals. It was indeed heartening to read about Reach Out, a multi-organizational development program for senior women leaders across American Express, Microsoft, Pepsico, Reckitt Benckiser, Tata Group and PWC. A positive step in transforming thought to action…


In India the special focus needs to be around working mothers. They are true superheroes, sans the cape. Their ability to intricately balance challenges on all fronts with their ambition is indeed remarkable. They are naturally gifted to navigate VUCA and seasoned with a growth-mindset. All organizations need to do is power the ‘And’ mindset. Frankly, in today’s hyper competitive world – ‘Or’ is no longer a viable option!


True to its core philosophy of being ‘first-in-class’, Happ Coach is delighted to launch a power-packed coaching module for working mothers called Super [email protected]. The custom-crafted one-on-one intensive coaching program is aimed at helping ‘Super Moms’ achieve audacious goals and a sense of fulfilment in all walks of life.


The module has been curated by Rinku Paul, a certified coach and accomplished author. She has extensive experience working with women entrepreneurs for her published works- “Dare To Be” and “Millionaire Housewives. “


The excerpts from my conversation with Rinku Paul:


Sorbo: At the outset, heartiest congratulations on the success of Millionaire Housewives. A little birdie tells me that your publisher – Penguin India have just signed you for a third book…

Rinku: Thanks much, Sorbo! You are right, the third book deals with yet another aspect of women entrepreneurship and is expected to be released in mid 2018.


Sorbo: The common theme across Dare To Be and Millionaire Housewives is women with an entrepreneurial mindset. Can you share a few stories that have inspired you the most…

Rinku: It’s been a very inspiring journey with both these books, meeting & interacting with so many women who have given wings to their dreams. In ” Dare to be” of course the stories centred around women who gave up their corporate careers to follow their passion while ” Millionaire Housewives” chronicles stories of women who were quintessential homemakers who not only turned entrepreneurs but also broke a whole lot of stereotypes in the process. It is hard to pick a few stories over the others as the grit and gumption of the women featured is unparalleled. The accounts are as diverse as that of Jyothi Reddy, a farm labourer who earned 5 Rupees a day and today runs a software company in the US or that of Sonam Kalra  who gave up a coveted job at a top advertising agency to pursue the love of her life-music. There are so many more empowering accounts that stand testimony to the human will. In fact the common theme running through their seemingly diverse accounts, is the single-minded pursuit of their passion that has led them to success.


Sorbo: Super [email protected] is a very unique and relevant idea. Besides, a very powerful name. Can you tell me a little bit more about the coaching module…

Rinku: We have all heard enough statistics about women giving up on their careers by the time they get to the mid-management levels. The pressures to manage work and home are real and palpable. This intensive program designed specifically for women professionals is aimed at helping them overcome the challenges that stand in their way in achieving the highest degree of success and fulfilment in their career as well as personal lives. If “overwhelm” is the dominant emotion that comes to your mind when someone as much as mentions work-life balance, if you want to jumpstart your entrepreneurial success or give your career a new lease of life, this coaching program is for you.


Sorbo: Coaching is still in its infancy in India. Why should working women sign up for this module…

Rinku: Women face a number of unique career challenges – it could be in the form of significant life events, self-doubt & their own limiting beliefs, special challenges they face in their work place and the like.  The fact remains that their careers do not always progress in a linear fashion and that they need to negotiate around barriers. The need of the hour, therefore is an individually tailored approach that helps them think strategically about their careers, increase self-awareness, overcome limiting beliefs and strengthen leadership skills. Consider this coaching module as a career GPS which helps you stay on track as far as your career and life balance is concerned.


We are truly excited about this new initiative and would be delighted to initiate a conversation, get feedback and at some stage even collaborate. There is no doubt that the need is real and immediate and the returns will pay back in spades – for every individual and the organization.


You can also explore brain-based training workshops and custom-crafted coaching modules on Happ Coach to maximize workplace smarts.


You can also reachout on [email protected]

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