‘SIGNS’ of an Effective Learning Strategy

Peace of mind, KFC’s secret recipe, an honest politician and a Learning & Development intervention that works are probably some of the rare things that one can’t find on Google.


Happ Coach has cracked the code for an effective learning strategy. The ‘SIGNS’ of a successful training and coaching intervention are…

–       Solution Focus

–       Insight Focus

–       Growth Focus

–       Neuro Focus

–       Strength Focus


From the right focus to the right locus (of control) – In reality, learning is an inside job. In fact, it is also an ‘insight’ job! Thus, it is imperative to push the envelope in terms of custom-crafting coaching and training modules that are powered by Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. The truly effective learning modules are built on the foundation principles of self-directed learning (for greater adoption) and novelty (for sparking greater curiosity and interest).


Some of the breakthrough brain-based training modules of Happ Coach include #SparkYourBestseller, Absolute Leadership, Navigating VUCA, Growth Mindset, Decoding the Brain, Millennial Transformers (New Age MTs), Coaching Conversation and The Happiness Edge.


From creating to curating, designing to delivering; Happ Coach partners leading organizations in their growth journey. We would be extremely delighted to share the secret of…not KFC’s recipe, but the secret sauce to harness and amplify workplace smarts.


Happy to connect on [email protected] and +91 9819 444 748

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