Millennial Transformers: The New-Age MTs!

While economists harp about the demographic dividend of India fuelled by millennials, on the other hand the common-sense perception – shaped by viral internet videos – continues to be a tad condescending and labels them the ‘entitled lot’. The truth is somewhere in between. And frankly my dear, the millennials give a damn!


For the last 2 decades, marketers have placed a significant premium on millennial mindshare. Earlier, to harness pester-power, and subsequently as consumers. Irrespective of the product category, every marketer has faced an uphill task. Loyalty can no longer be taken for granted as millennials continue to be discerning and demanding!


The HR conundrum is worse! The recruitment and talent management teams have noble intentions and yet are seldom able to engage meaningfully with the millennial workforce. Bean bags and pizza have never been a viable solution (though some continue to try!)


For starters, how about abolishing the term ‘Management Trainees’. The current lot don’t want to be managed and are definitely not looking forward to being trained through the age-old carrot-and-stick formula. How about calling them Millennial acheter du cialis en ligne Transformers?


Here are 5 pointers that every organization should be mindful about while harnessing the transformational prowess of their millennial workforce…


  • Junk the stereotypes: A good starting point would be to junk all the stereotypes associated with millennials. All of them aren’t rude, lazy, entitled or irresponsible. They do have a mind of their mind and insist on using it!
  • Don’t Tell, but Coach: The ‘telling’ style of leadership is no longer effective. There is an entire generation that were told to do things by their parents. They grew up to have their bosses tell them. And now it was their turn to give-back and tell. Tough-luck! The millennials are not listening. However, do try the coaching style of communication.
  • Born to Disrupt: The first step towards disrupting anything begins with a ‘why’! The current generation is blessed with the power to challenge status quo. Unfortunately, we want the millennials to disrupt product offerings and business models in the organization, yet get offended when they question too much. Questioning is never a sign of disrespect. Nodding your head in unison is!
  • Money, Not the only motivator: Yes, millennials change jobs a tad too frequently. But, money is seldom the only reason. Exposure, Learning, Culture, Work-Life balance are all important and most leaders and organizations haven’t adapted to these needs. Infact most millennials are seeking to build a portfolio of experiences. It is important to provide them with a vast multitude of experience in the same job.
  • Reward Excellence, not loyalty: Lets face it – gratuity is an alien concept for millennials. Organizations are hard-wired to reward loyalty. Often because loyalty was a surrogate for contribution. Times have changed and womb-to-tomb is no longer the gold standard. Let’s start rewarding excellence in thinking and action from the very beginning.


While exploring a project with a reputed financial services company, it was extremely heartening to see them plan a training and coaching module for the seasoned leaders to be able to manage the new batch of MTs. May their tribe increase!


Aside, while researching for this blog, I realized that the one must be born between 1980 – 2000 to classify as a ‘millennial’. That would make me part of the prestigious first batch of millennials to set foot. But then again, the first batch of pancakes always turn out to be bad and are seldom proof of what is eventually served at the table!




Sorbojeet Chatterjee is the Co-Founder and CEO of Happ Coach. As a first-batch millennial, he continues to brandish his license to rebel and tweets @sorbojeet! Happ Coach conducts extensive training and coaching module with millennials across the entire spectrum – from BSchools to  Organizations.

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