Can ‘Life Coaching’ help you gain a competitive edge?

Presenting a list of FAQs to help decode and demystify the benefits of life coaching and get ‘unstuck’…



  • Coaching, Mentorship, Consulting, Counselling…All the same, right?


Not really, though they all fall under the broad umbrella category of professional helping services. They differ in the “What” in terms of focus; and the “How” in terms of method.


Counselling or Therapy deals with understanding problems. The Counselor ‘asks’ you many questions like, why you behave the way you do or feel the way you do? Why do you suffer from these blocks?  Its focus is on ‘problems’ and on the past when it got created.


Many times, just understanding the problem does not offer a solution. However, with generic levitra online pharmacy those who suffer from deep personality issues or are stuck in extreme trauma, it might be a first step to healing. The theoretical foundation of Counselling is built on Psychology.


Consulting also focuses on problems. The external Consultant is called in to identify the problems of an organization and the causes for it. The Consultant is an expert in the problem area and tells you what went wrong. The focus is on the past.


Outside consultants often give recommendations that fall through as the organization has an organic structure or culture that the consultant may not have considered. S/he can provide the technical expertise but not the motivation for change.


Mentoring is also by an expert in the field. As in consulting, a Mentor ‘tells’ you what to do in a given situation. However, the difference is that its focus is on developing ‘solutions.’ Hence, the focus is on the future.


Focusing on solutions rather than problems is more effective as problems try to fix the blame, which is negative. For situations where a background knowledge, in-depth understanding or experience is necessary, Mentoring is very effective.


Coaching is a recent entrant in the field, it’s just 15 – 20 years old. The focus of coaching is dreams, opportunities and challenges, not problems. In this, you, the client, are the expert with the potential for generating perfect solutions.


The Coach unlike the Mentor, does not tell you what to do, he just gets you to experience a 3600 perspective by asking insightful questions. It is a self-directed process. Studies show that when someone comes up with his own solution, s/he is 5 times more committed to it.

To understand the differences graphically, we can depict as follows:


Life Coacjing


  • Coaching must be for laggards, why do I need it?


Coaching helps you become the best version of yourself. It’s like the stretch that adds inches to your height or the performance booster that adds notches to your career. Even the most productive, most intelligent, richest of us would improve with a coach: read about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi and many more. All of us have areas we are stuck in, or goals that are perpetually on the back burner. Coaches generate insights that fuel powerful transformations. Coaching is perhaps the best investment that you can make in yourself.


  • Isn’t Coaching a perk for CEOs?


It is a perk – in that it perks up your chances of success. However, why just for the CEO? You are on the threshold of your career, and have reached here after a long journey with huge investment of time, effort and money. If three months was all it took to transform your career, would you not try it? A Coach can enable a leap from average to excellent career outcomes.


At the middle management level, in case you feel you are stagnating and stuck in issues that seem impossible to resolve, wouldn’t you want a chance to revitalize your career? Coaches are experts at pushing you out of the rut and into the reckoning, yet again.


Hence Coaching is for anyone who has an unfulfilled dream or potential; artificial labels and tags don’t matter.


  • So, is coaching the answer to all my problems?


Coaching helps you develop goals to take charge of your life and develop positive habits that ensure success, but the journey is yours to take. It helps you on the transformational journey from “victim” to “victor.” It is applicable, wherever there are challenges.


However, if you suffer from a debilitating emotional problem or you require training in skills, perhaps counselling or training may be more appropriate for you. If you require professional advice from an expert from a particular field, perhaps mentoring may better meet your need.


  • If I had time for coaching, wouldn’t I use it to solve a few of my problems?


Problems get solved through developing solutions and just spending time dwelling on it may not achieve a resolution. Coaching reframes problems to challenges in reaching our goals, helps us in developing solutions, and ensures that we stay the course. Time invested in coaching is the most productive use of it and has a great return on investment.


  • But, if my coach is clueless about my field or function – how can he possibly guide me?


A coach does not coach from expertise or experience in your field. He coaches from knowledge of what makes you stuck and how to help you think things through. Bill Campbell was the celebrity coach of Silicon Valley and his client list figured luminaries like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and many other entrepreneurs. He did not have a background in technology, but he could help “people see what they couldn’t” and helped them figure out the right answers for themselves.


  • Brain-based coaching! Ah, that must be the latest fad?


It is true that sometimes fads and gimmicks are used to dazzle the consumer. Yet, neuroscience has added an edge to the science of coaching. The brain is the control center that manages your thinking and your habits. Hence an understanding of how it works helps the coach lead you to insights and solutions more quickly and effectively.


  • I am sure quack coaches are aplenty! Is there an ‘ISI’ mark equivalent to check credentials and credibility?


Any nascent science has its share of untrained people who call themselves ‘professionals.’ So it is in the field of coaching. However, the International Coaching Federation, has stepped in to provide accreditation to coaching courses as well as to coaches. The accreditation introduces rigour and scientific methodology into becoming a coach. A platform like Happ Coach provides you the relevant details of the Coach – his certification as well as his background and experience, so you can make an informed choice.



Book a free session with a certified coach to discover life coaching and derive the benefits on your personal front and at the workplace. #HappyIsTheNewRich

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