This New Year, Gift Yourself a ‘Dangal’ Transformation!

Even before Aamir Khan’s latest blockbuster released to widespread critical and commercial acclaim, his promotional video of rapid weight loss was trending. While most find it tough to wake up early and go for a run or maintain their new year resolution of getting fit beyond the first fortnight of January, here is a 51 year-old achieving the near impossible.


Going from 38% to 9% body fat is radical transformation. It wasn’t just a surgical strike on belly fat, but also on every obstacle (physical, emotional or mental) in the arduous journey. Even the young girls who played the role of Geeta and Babita Phogat were transformed to look like world-class wrestlers. Unlike other sports films, in Dangal it seemed like wrestlers were acting rather than actors were wrestling! That is a massive compliment for the debutant actors. Their training must have been top drawer. You can’t help but doff your hat to the lead cast.


All transformations don’t necessarily have to be physical. In fact, aiming for a physical turnaround is slightly easier to the extent that the change (or the lack of it) is optical and the mirror is a fair indicator of the desired progress. Behavioral or attitudinal change is a lot tougher. Mr. Drinks-a-lot can strive to be a teetotaler; Mr. Forever-lazy may try and get active and Ms. Runaway might decide to stay back for a face-off with the challenge.


There is no barometer that can accurately reflect the state of play. We all dream of becoming the best version of ourselves. But the transformation process begins with self-awareness and evolves into a customized master-plan. The real challenge lies in sticking to the plan. The before-after picture of any transformation may seem binary, but the process is as fuzzy as it gets. Every individual will have have a unique set of triggers and barriers that can take you nearer or acheter viagra farther from you goal. And while you will always be the master of your plan; a coach will be your buddy and guide to make sure you don’t change lanes from the speeding highway to the dusty mud-track. He will always ensure your vision is aligned to your purpose and you play to your strengths.


Through a neuro science filter, radical transformation leads to a couple of significant changes. In a larger context, any change (small or big) means a person has been able to break the shackles of their hard-wiring and create a new wiring. Think of the brain as a computing machine: to process information efficiently and systematically, it hard wires repeated actions into habits. Creating a new wiring is indeed a monumental achievement. Similarly, achieving some visible change and getting praised for it acts as strong motivation to stay on course. Receiving positive feedback triggers the release of dopamine, the happiness drug, that controls the pleasure centres of the brain. Besides, a feel-good boost, dopamine also aids innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. Thus taking you to a higher level in the transformation journey.


There is a powerful dialogue in Dangal where Aamir Khan tells a cynic, “In a dangal before you wrestle your opponents, you need to wrestle your fears”. Ditto in life! Gift yourself a ‘Dangal’ transformation this new year. ‘Dangal’ makes for a fitting adjective where we treat our transformation like a wrestling match…where we need to wrestle against the baggage of the past and our present hard-wiring. Do try and get a good coach who will cheer every win from the ringside…This is the best way to ensure the journey is fulfilling and successful!



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Sorbojeet Chatterjee is a marketing consultant, media specialist, certified life coach, avid traveler and a doting dad. He is the Co-Founder of Happ Coach (an online platform for Life Coaches and Mentors). He tweets @sorbojeet



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