From psychometrics to the heart of the matter

There’s a kind of wriggle associated with being “boxed” as a personality type through a psychometric.  Many people resist the title, colour or letters that define them.  A description of our strengths and areas for growth are interesting – but then what?  So now we look past the modern invention of psychometrics to ancient wisdom that has served individuals and communities for centuries since about 500 BC – the Enneagram


Ennea comes from the Greek meaning Nine


Gram refers to a picture


The Enneagram describes 9 core worldviews and their associated strengths, weaknesses, values and blind spots.  In its current form the Enneagram is being recognised as the most powerful sense making tool that enables us to develop self-knowledge and meta-awareness – and an illuminating path to growth toward high levels of integration and our higher selves.


“Freedom, liberation, this must be the main aim of man.  To become free, to be liberated from slavery, this is what a man ought to strive for when he becomes even a little conscious of his position. There is nothing else for him and nothing else is possible so long as he remains a slave both inwardly and outwardly.  But he cannot cease to be a slave outwardly while he remains a slave inwardly. Therefore in order to become free, man must gain inner freedom.”  Gurdjieff.


So how might the Enneagram be of interest to individuals, leaders, coaches and organisations?


Take Amile for instance.  She is an executive in a large national company responsible for the complex legal aspects of their work.  She found herself striving for perfection, never reaching it, constantly berating herself for every small imperfection and allowing her ‘inner critic’ a field day with her thoughts and her emotions.  A life of futile exhaustion.  Her journey with the Enneagram has liberated her from this exhausting pattern.  She has gained an inner freedom to perform excellently without a need for perfection and its fellow stresses.  She operates in a calm, confident, grounded way and is more effective than ever.


Barry is a team leader in a financial institution.  His team struggled with his demanding, driven, personally disconnected style of management.  In fact, at times they were quite fearful of his responses.  Through a process of individual and team Enneagram work, Barry has recognised his own energies, habits, strengths and limitations.  He can now see the impact this has on his team members – individually and collectively – and has embarked on his personal transformational journey.  The team members are also able to see and address their own patterns and motivations.  Barry and his team now function as an increasingly connected, aligned insightful unit.


A large corporate we work with has a set of values that is thankfully more than words on a wall.  One of the values is ‘Trust’.  Recognising that trust is built on understanding, the entire company has been through an Enneagram intervention to discover their own drivers, possibilities, blind spots, patterns and strengths.  They now have a framework to improve communication, deal with difficulties, increase productivity and build leadership.  They are now discovering that trust is an outcome of deeper perspectives and insights and these are being tapped in everyday work.


And the burning questions for coaches are, “How do I ask more powerful questions, ignite greater insight, build self-knowledge and self-awareness, fast track traction more effectively?”  The Enneagram is an indispensable tool in the hands of a coach to answer these questions.


Anne Heslop and Dr Nicola Graham invite you to attend THE ENNEAGRAM workshop for HR Professionals, Leaders, Managers and Coaches. Both of them are experienced ICF accredited coaches and accredited enneagram practitioners, who use and teach the enneagram extensively with individuals, teams and organisations. Download the brochure


During the workshop you will learn how to engage with this powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.  You will discover ways to use this sense making framework to explore your (and others’) real essence, self-image, worldview, blind spots, defence mechanisms, values and virtues; and identify a unique roadmap for development of self, others, teams and organisations.



DELHI – 22nd & 23rd May 2017

MUMBAI – 21st & 22nd August 2017


Please contact Anne Heslop at [email protected] for further details or the next steps.

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