Are You Game For The 1% Challenge?

The 1% buy viagra cheaper Challenge? As a curious bystander I would probably wonder, what’s the big deal with 1%? Numerically it is closer to 0 than any other significant value. I wouldn’t rejoice with a 1% discount nor stress too much, if I was taxed an incremental 1%. Let’s face it…1% is statistically insignificant! Or is it?


Let’s begin with a quiz question – If there was an asset class that guarantees a 1% upside daily, how much would your investment grow in a year?
– 3x
– 5x
– 10x
– 20x


‘20x’ does seem fairly exaggerated. What if I told you that the growth will be almost a whopping 40x! I am sure at this point your mind is juggling multiple thoughts – sheer disbelief, trying to recollect the compound interest formula and probably even asking for the contact details of the broker who deals with this investment product!


At a mathematical level, it is the magic of compounding. Extend this principle to goal setting and the signs are clear – visibly ‘insignificant’ but consistent growth on a daily basis leads to spectacular outcomes!


Statistically, 92% of people fail in achieving their goals. Most begin with gusto and give up somewhere along the way. The mind has been conditioned to believe – ‘desperate times require desperate measures’. Honestly, the action plan to achieving audacious goals comprises tiny and consistent steps…That is the only sustainable solution.


Consider this, you set out for a road trip – no matter how advanced your car engine, the headlamps will only illuminate the next 50-60 metres. And we are at ease with this construct. Yet, when it comes to our goals – we expect overnight success and early signs of faltering, drives us to abandon our dreams!


Let’s look at cues from Neuroscience and how we can hack our brains into achieving spectacular results

  • Hardwiring is the super-efficient process by which the thinking part of       the brain (PFC) templatizes actions and automates responses, thereby creating habits. Thus, an action plan that requires daily intervention (however small) helps you hardwire the new action!
  • When the action plan comprises radical steps, it sets you up for failure…a state of the brain where the emotional centre (Limbic system) erupts and derails the thinking process. A perfect recipe to giving up the goal.


As a worthy addition to the existing suite of goal setting products, Happ Coach is delighted to launch the coaching module – The 1% Challenge, a framework where each tomorrow will find you farther than today! Essentially, striving for an ‘insignificant’ 1% daily improvement to achieve break-through transformation.
After all, we have all read that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. It’s now time to put it to action and keep walking…one step at a time!


Happ Coach offers brain-based training, coaching, mentorship and micro-learning modules. Explore custom-crafted and theme-based one-on-one coaching modules here…

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