An Open Letter to CEOs from an Ambitious Millennial

Dear CEO,




Will begin by getting straight to the point. We Millennials, prefer it that way – upfront communication over social niceties! The world in general tends to stereotype us as selfie-clicking, binge-watching, wi-fi guzzling, aimless and nonchalant spectators. There is no greater myth!


Yes, we do have low certainty needs and hence don’t think twice before recently conducted some research quitting a job. But, that also means we can navigate the VUCA world with greater comfort and ease. Our autonomy needs are a tad bit higher. We don’t take kindly to pesky bosses getting in our hair. But, we are willing to work with complete ownership and accountability.


Perks and promotions are important, but ‘purpose’ is paramount. There is no denying that we need to learn the ropes and focus on the ‘what’ and ‘when’ for every task and process. But, the ‘why’ floats our boat! We don’t like to fit in, but stand out…


I feel privileged to be hand-picked to join your organization as a Management Trainee. Though, there is a wee bit of discordance with the designation. We don’t like to be micro-managed and run-of-the-mill training methods doesn’t inspire our tribe. If MT it is, can I suggest that it be modified to Millennial Transformers. And transform we will – ourselves first and then the organization. Keep the faith and invest in us, we will pay back in spades!


Warm Regards,

An Ambitious Millennial


PS – Happ Coach specializes in disruptive training and coaching modules that are powered by Neuroscience. Millennial Transformers is a custom-crafted training module created after working with several millennials across top B-schools and co-founders of early-stage startups. To know more about Millennial Transformers or any of our signature products like #SparkYourBestseller and Absolute Leadership: Reach out – [email protected] or +91 9819 444 748

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