Dare To Be Conversations

As yet another International Women’s day tiptoes on us (and we sift the many marketing campaigns that piggyback on it), it is a pleasure to bring to life a cherished project. That of infusing the women entrepreneurial and creative eco-system with meaningful story telling!


What better way to do it except through long form conversations- a heart to heart tete-e-tete with seemingly ordinary women who have turned extra ordinary through the single minded pursuit of their goal.


Having authored a series of 3 books published by Penguin Random House- “Dare To Be”, “Millionaire Housewives” and a soon to be published work, which deal with three different aspects of women at work, the podcast, titled “ Dare to be Conversations” is yet another labour of love.


I begin my conversation series with a heartening talk with Deepa Nailwal. A part of the first batch of women officers at the Air Force Academy who went on to serve the Indian Air Force for 11 years, rising to the rank of Squadron Leader and who is now an Independent Coach & trainer, Deepa has dared to be in more ways than one.


While much has been said and written about the allure of men in uniform, Deepa takes me through what it took to thrive in a male dominated field. Vocal about the fact that that by offering only short service opportunities, and entry in non-combat roles till recently, women have been prevented from attaining higher ranks. “ We should have had our first woman Air Marshal by now”, she points out!


Ask her about her fearless journey both in her professional and personal space as an adoptive single parent and she quotes Hariwansh Rai Bachchan:


“ Aankh mein ho swarg lekin pao prithvi par tike ho”- the need to dream big and yet to have your feet firmly on the ground!


If there are two themes that one had to pick up from her life story that go on to define her success they have to be her ability to step out of her comfort zone time and again without being paralyzed by fear of the unknown while blocking all the negative voices around her which clearly have been aplenty.  If Deepa’s story or that or the other daring women to come up on the podcast, help you to dust yourself after a fall and keep going, I would have achieved what I set out to do.


Do feel free to share your feedback. In fact if you know a woman achiever, across any walk of life, who has dared to be, please email us at – [email protected] and I will be happy to feature them in the forthcoming episodes.


One can explore a custom-crafted coaching module with me and harness the true potential of your story here…


You could also read inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs in my books ‘Dare to Be’ and ‘Millionaire Housewives


Until next time- till then let us all dare to be!

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